How can I help?

Fin Spotter is a database of shark encounters that we use to estimate and monitor the size of the population for these species. You can help by submitting your photographs of sharks using the encounter submission form!

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Take a photo

Step 1: Take a Photo

Top down photos are best! Try to fill the frame with as much detail of the pattern as possible. Get as close as you can without harassing the animal.

Submit it!

Step 2: Submit it!

Use our form to upload your image and encounter information to the database!.

Get notified!

Step 3: Get notified!

We'll let you know when your shark is spotted again with an automated email! Check in to keep up to date on the happenings of your shark!

Computer Vision

State of the Art Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Behind the scenes, Fin Spotter uses state of the art machine learning and computer vision to identify the species in the image and to match individuals against our database!

1469 identified sharks

2089 reported sightings

596 citizen scientists

2 researchers

How else can I help?

If you are not able to get in the water, there are still other ways to get engaged

Adopt an animal

  • Support research!
  • Receive email updates when we resight your adopted animal
  • Display your photo and a quote on the animal's page in our database
Learn more about adopting a shark in our study

Meet an adopter:Bronwin and Tim

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